AMA – The Way of the Future

AMA, previously known as, Aluminium Balustrades North Coast, have been operating in the construction industry for over 37 years.  Based on the Sunshine Coast, and working on projects all over the world, AMA have seen lots of changes during their years of operation.

Technological and environmental changes over decades have seen the building industry revolutionise itself and change has been forced upon the industry on a global scale.  “The way we do business has changed, some have grasped this culture shift, and some have stagnated.”

AMA have always been industry leaders on the early adoption of technology advancements, with CEO Sam Bevis continuously driving this.  “Digital technology is my passion and hobby, and it’s something which has given the business a real competitive edge. It’s about leveraging enabling technology to get the best results,” Sam says.

Changes in communication and correspondence have been the key changes driven by technology. At our core, AMA exists to solves complex problems architecturally.  The fundamentals of what AMA do will never change, but they firmly believe the way they go about this, and how they achieve common goals in collaboration with key stakeholders, is a continuous journey of incremental improvements that is simply a moving target.

Operating a Lean Manufacturing principle is something management at AMA have adopted as standard practice.  Minimising waste and maximising productivity has meant that AMA are continuously able to produce high quality products and services, which far outweigh those of their competitors.  As a result of adopting lean manufacturing, AMA have been able to effectively grow the business, including expansion of their powder coating facility, introducing and operating new state of the art machinery and growing their valued team.

Computerised machinery has been one of the biggest industry developments, and a number of years ago AMA invested in a 6500x1500 CNC Bed Router.  Provided by leading machine manufacturer Multicam, the CNC router’s wireless control system and flexible software program have enabled AMA to further increase their service offerings to their clients, making them a true one-stop shop for all metalworks.

A key member of management at award winning construction company PBS Building, Keenan Duimpies, says the main thing that sets AMA apart from other contractors is that they aren’t scared to use technology to achieve a successful outcome.  “This is the biggest thing that impresses me about AMA, they use technology in our industry, it is the way of the future”.  Keenen referred specifically to a 3D scanner AMA used to scan the building at various stages of the project to monitor accuracy and progress.

Part of our core offering is be open to Architects and Builders who have design ideas they want to develop to come and talk to us. At AMA, we have a variety of tools to innovatively create customised solutions to help visualise, prototype and monitor progress. Using 3D scanning and 3D printing we help our clients solve complex problems both on and offsite. Part of our process is the start with design consultation so Architects and Builders know that what they are concepting will work when fabricated and installed. It’s a step that is well sought after and ends up saving a lot of time onsite solving problems that should have been ironed out in the design process. Now it’s all possible thanks to technology.

When talking about the growth and change in both the construction industry and AMA itself, Sam Bevis says,  “Every change we implement enables us to further our business. ‘We don’t know what we don’t know’, and it's amazing to see how enabling technologies open up new doors to products and services we hadn’t even thought about when implementing a change”

Strong leadership with key people and a common goal has kept AMA at the forefront of the construction industry and given AMA the opportunity to become industry leaders, which has opened new avenues and some high-end projects.   Off of the back of existing trading and the good will that came from Aluminium Balustrades North Coasts 37 plus years of trading, AMA were able to launch their new brand Architectural Metalworks Australia with great success and have seen the company grow from strength to strength.

Sam and the team at AMA welcome new enquiry about upcoming projects. To see if they can help you to use technology and innovation on your project contact them on: 07 5493 8333 or visit