The AMA Tree

We would like to introduce to you a project the team at AMA have been working on that highlights how we can create unique designs from metal to suit any project. 

Check out the new AMA tree – architecturally designed fine art at its best!

AMA collaborated with TW Fine Art, Red Door Architecture, Silver Stone Developments & Blackwatch Projects to come up with the design, manufacture and installation of it this amazing unique piece of art, created for the building industry.

FW Fine Art Owner Tove Langridge brings 15 years of experience as a director and curator of public and private collections in New York City to create an ever evolving, dynamic portfolio of work made in collaboration with the global artistic community.  The FW Fine Art Studio can be found at 27 James Street, Fortitude Valley.  Their unique gallery concept is quite simple – work with your own personal curator to choose and order cutting edge contemporary art from around the world online. They custom size, print, frame, then courier the perfect piece of art right to your doorstep.  And for this project, although not your conventional piece of framed art, we are sure you will agree the results are certainly worth framing!

Working in collaboration with professionals such as FW Fine Art, Red Door Architecture, Silver Stone Developments and Blackwatch Projects enabled AMA to get the very best results, as there was a series of experts working on the design and build of this project.  AMA have once again used the new CNC Router for this project and the accuracy at which is cuts as well as the flexibility of the machine to create individual designs, ensures that quality work such as “The Tree” is achievable and gives the customer the wow factor they are looking for.

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