As industry professionals AMA prides itself on providing customers with information that will assist them with their projects, as well as up to date industry information such design and technology advancements.

AMA part of an inspirational team working on a building project at Bravehearts

The National child protection organisation Bravehearts’ headquarters is located on the Gold Coast and recently a much needed $1.3 million expansion took place on the premises.  However, this was no ordinary building project…

Chapter 1 - Communications - Google Apps for Work VS Microsoft Office 365 for Enterprise

Sam and the team at AMA firmly believe that the future of the manufacturing industry is all about efficiency, collaboration and cloud technology - and they are already part of this significant change.  Sam invests heavily in the “Interne

The AMA Tree

We would like to introduce to you a project the team at AMA have been working on that highlights how we can create unique designs from metal to suit any project. 

During the Day