Aveo Newstead Retirement Village

PROJECT: Aveo Newstead Retirement Village
VALUE OF JOB: $111 Million
AMA CONTRACT: $620,000
CONTRACTOR: Hutchinson Builders
SCOPE OF WORKS: Glass Balustrades, Facade Aluminium Ribbon Flashings

Gasworks is the centrepiece of Brisbane’s most anticipated urban renewal project – a master planned community at the city’s historic Gasworks site. Set in the highly sought-after Newstead Riverpark precinct, Gasworks features stylish residential apartments, upmarket retail and leisure outlets, A-grade office space and a vibrant plaza with the iconic gasometer frame as its spectacular focal point.

Aveo Newstead Retirement Village is a 6.4-hectare site located in an exclusive enclave of heritage listed wool store apartments, stately historic homes and luxury riverfront apartments, and is undoubtedly one of Australia’s most desirable and prestigious addresses. This is Australia’s first luxury, inner city, 19-storey retirement community. Aveo Newstead has been designed for those people who are looking to transition into a retirement community but don’t want to compromise the luxury lifestyle they’ve enjoyed over the years.

At the centre of this project are Hutchinson Builders, also affectionately known as Hutchies within the industry. Hutchies has been building the structures in which Australians live, work, study, shop and relax since 1912. The company has grown into a dynamic and diverse construction company, delivering sophisticated projects across a comprehensive portfolio. At the heart of all Hutchies projects is one thing – relationships! Whether it’s with their own team, their clients, or the local communities in which they live and work, Hutchies have built their business on trust, respect, and a genuine spirit of everyone pitching in together. Hutchies have also delivered more than $1.3B of Green Star rated buildings. No other builder has completed more Green Star projects than Hutchies in Australia.

Naturally, the project management team at Hutchies place great importance in their choice of contractors for any job they work on. They insist on contractors with the same work ethic, high standards of workmanship and the same drive for the best outcome for their clients.

John Fernadez worked alongside the team at AMA as Project Manager at Hutchinson Builders on the AVEO project. John explained that AMA are a “great team”. John recalled an issue on Level 19 of the building where the louvres and sliding shutters clashed with the handrail. Despite this being a design issue and not an issue caused by AMA themselves, John said, “The team at AMA went out of their way with the rectification work. They knew the theory of what needed to be done and came back with a next day solution”. John continued to say that throughout the entire project, if he ever needed to call AMA they were always there and willing to sort out anything that was required. “This makes life so much easier”, he said.

Hutchies overall opinion of the final job completed by AMA was excellent, they were really pleased with the outcome. John explained that they would definitely use AMA again and have already recommended the AMA team to other contacts in the building industry.