PROJECT: Spire Residences
VALUE OF JOB: $190 million
AMA CONTRACT: $1.8 million
CONTRACTOR: Hutchinson Builders & Auzmet Architectural

SCOPE OF WORKS: Supply of vertical columns, slab fascia, balustrades, pool fence, custom flashings, lobby feature facade & stainless balustrade

Hutchies, as they are commonly known, have been building the structures in which Australians live, work, study, shop and relax since 1912. As Australia’s largest privately-owned construction company, their business capability and complexity is well beyond that of a ‘Mum and Dad’ builder, however, their core values remain very much embedded in the idea of investing in relationships, taking care of each other and the community, and working towards a common goal. For this reason, Hutchinson Builders pride themselves on selecting their building partners carefully.

They work with people who not only have the same high standard of quality workmanship, but also partners who have the same beliefs in relationships, ensuring the best possible outcomes.

AMA recently completed the 40-floor Spire Residences project in Brisbane with Hutchinson Builders. Described as a work of art and embracing the surrounding heritage, this is a signature building in the heart of Brisbane. Auzmet Architectural partnered with AMA to help deliver the ‘veil’ façade. The striking ‘veil’ facade is not only a stunning example of architectural beauty but also serves a practical purpose. The ‘veil’ set-out expands around the living and balcony areas to open-up views, and then contracts around the bedrooms to provide privacy and shade. AMA were a major part of the veil design; manufacturing and supplying the Vertical Veil Columns & Slab Fascia to Auzmet Architectural for the full external façade. Joel Martin, Project manager at Hutchinson Builders, said that AMA were crucial to the success of the Spire Residences project, working on areas throughout the building.

As well as supplying the veil, AMA work included, the supply and install of all balustrades on apartment balconies, podium deck glazing screens, balustrade on the featured staircase, feature gold anodised aluminium screening and work in the roof pool deck area. Joel said, “I only have good things to say about AMA”.

There were some timing challenges that AMA faced on the Spire Residences project. Joel Martin explained that due to issues outside of AMA’s control there was a compressed back-end to the installation. “AMA worked tirelessly to ensure the project was completed to deadline. Unforeseen time constraints were placed upon them and the AMA team worked split shifts and night shifts in order to complete jobs in an expedited manner. Their dedication and commitment was very much appreciated”.

The positive feedback did not just stop with Hutchies Project Management.
The architects on the Spire Residences project, John Wardle Architects, also reiterated the professionalism of AMA as they partnered with them through the design process. Options were always presented professionally and with detailed CAD plans, which was instrumental in making the design stage a success.

Hutchinson’s Builders were really pleased with the finished product from AMA and are already using them on another project at 38 Wharf Street. When asked if he would recommend AMA to other contacts Joel Martin said, “Most certainly”.


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