Leading the way in technology

AMA (the new over-arching entity of ABnc) has been operating on the Sunshine Coast since 1981, manufacturing and supplying aluminium products for commercial and residential applications.
The company introduced an IT strategy some five years ago and currently runs eight ‘best in class’ programs, including Cloud-based project management software which captures lead information, processes quotes, 3D conceptual shop drawings, workflow collaboration and financial data.

“Digital technology is my passion and hobby, and it’s something which has given the business a real competitive edge. It’s about leveraging technology to get the best results,” General Manager Sam Bevis says.

“It also provides massive efficiency gains regarding transparency in terms of stock management and production scheduling. If we’re on a job site, for example, we can access information live and tell the project manager how the job is progressing, and check on the flow of stock and materials,” Sam said.

“We now have an audit trail where everything is trackable and searchable, compared to four years ago when the management side of the business was about paper trails.”

Widely being called the Industrial Revolution 4.0, Sam and the team at AMA firmly believe that the future of the manufacturing industry is all about technology and they are already part of this significant change.  After the GFC in 2009 AMA were determined to come back with a point of difference that was going to make AMA lead the way in the metalwork industry for now and well in to the future.  AMA invest heavily in technology and Sam’s belief that this is only going to become more and more a part of successful business, ensures that AMA can move smoothly with the technological times and are continuously growing, as well as improving efficiency and service as they go.  AMA want to be and are, ahead of competitors in this area.  AMA have invested in staff training and pride themselves on the learning they undertake to ensure they truly are part of the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

One of Sam’s focus areas is what is known as the “Internet of Things”, and he has spent a lot of time researching and looking in to how this concept is going to change the face of how we all do business.  The concept is based around the internet and its use in our everyday lives, and now bringing that to the next level, i.e. the use of the internet to connect various parts of the manufacturing process.  For example, through use of the internet we could get saws talking to welders, get them connecting to each other, so that in actual fact when a customer places an order (which could also be done on the internet), that information talks to the equipment needed for the manufacture of the product from design to completion.

A concept some businesses may find daunting, but for AMA something they are ready to embrace and are already prepared for!