Multiplex Annual Safety Breakfast

As part of Queensland’s Mental Health Week, David and Marina attended the Multiplex Annual Safety Breakfast supported by Mates in Construction.

MATES in Construction is a charity established in 2008 to reduce the high level of suicide among Australian construction workers. It is owned and controlled by the Australian Building and Construction Industry.
Multiplex are dedicated to developing safety awareness for Mental Health and Wellness, partnering with Mates in Construction as a way of supporting individuals in the industry and raising awareness.

As an advocate for staying healthy and safe AMA support this cause. Australian males working in the construction industry are 70% more likely to take their own lives than any other industry, we believe that raising awareness is crucial.

AMA strive to maintain a healthy, happy workforce and have recently implemented an employee assistance program offering free, professional & confidential counselling for all our workers.

At the Safety Breakfast Marina was able to chat with Libby Trickett personally, getting tips on how to overcome daily trials and the importance of exercise and routine.  We all know Libby as a four-time Olympic gold medal winning swimmer, but did you know she is also the Queensland Mental Health Ambassador? 

Libby spoke at length about her experiences with her own mental health.  She shared details of her continuous struggle with her career and motherhood, really bringing to light that no one is exempt.  What an inspiration!

There are lots of great tools on the Mentally Healthy Workplaces website aimed to help individuals in recognising and dealing with Mental Health issues in the work place.