The Urban Climb

As our inner cities become more populated and dense with dwellings, we are seeing a rapid change in how we operate as humans in our environment. With a limited footprint the only way we can grow in our fast paced world is to rise up instead of sprawl out, so our urban developments are soaring and our landscape is changing as a result.

It’s not just big business and high end apartment developments that are acknowledging this change but we are now seeing the advent of our schools take on a different perspective (literally).

Learning from the sky is a real thing as the reality of a “vertical school” is fast becoming the next big thing. Our Governments are commiting funding to the vertical schools programs across our vast country. It seems almost incredulous that in a land as spacious as Australia that we are “cramped” but our inner city areas are becoming that way as our population increases and collections of humans flock to the big smoke.

The delivery of education in a high rise environment has its challenges. Like any major human development project it needs to be well considered. High schools run each class in a separate classroom environment which means that there will be a lot of movement in the building on an ongoing basis for most of the day. In a building that relies on its height instead of its width, safety needs to be one of the first and foremost considerations on the table.

It poses the question: How do we get our students from one room to another in the safest way possible utilising walkways, stairs and lifts? At any one time there could be in excess of 500 students moving between rooms. It’s more than any office building or apartment block and so the question must be answered. Parents look at this and ask, when my child is in between classes and walking in between buildings, what is to stop my child from falling from such a great height? It’s our greatest fear as humans to lose someone we love, but it happens. It is now the time to consider how we might best protect them as our urban developments climb higher and higher.

One innovative company is very interested in the vertical schools projects and have been pitching  for the projects across our country. With a First to World concept in their possession, Architectural Metalworks Australia (AMA) are reinventing the way forward with the only fail safe Structural Glass Balustrade System that does not require a handrail that can be used for a high rise application.

StructGlass is a first to world concept that has modular frameless structural glass panels with pre-manufactured posts that can be adjusted to suit onsite. Designed, engineered, tested and approved against international standards. It will change the way in which we build and look at the use of high rises for developments such as schools.   

The use of SGP Interlayer Structural Laminated Glass combined with their proprietary clamping mechanism designed in house at AMA means that should the glass be compromised it does not evacuate leaving an opening for potential fall / injury risk.   
Inhouse testing of the product demonstrated that the combination of the structural glass combined with the clamping mechanism of the StructGlass Balustrade system creates the strongest, fail-safe structural glass balustrade system available today. Now that’s a balustrade that should be used in a school environment.

Already in use at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital and in PNG at the APEC Summit Haus project this product is making waves in both local and export markets and is worthy of your attention.

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