Why AMA?

AMA as Architectural Metalworks Australia lends more to our scope, and gives us the flexibility to explore new product ideas.

Companies who have worked with ABnc will know that we do so much more than Balustrades and it is important that we reflect this diversity in our branding. By introducing AMA now as the overarching entity that owns Abnc we are setting the structure for our continued growth.

ABnc has grown in both size and reputation over its 33 years of operation and we want to look to the future and build on this further. AMA we feel revitalises our brand. It’s new, fresh and exciting and we want customers to also get that same feeling when they see our products”

Architectural Metalworks Australia is a name you will come to recognise, know and trust and it is important to note that there has been no sale or change of management and there has been no change to existing processes.

AMA still brings you professional industry experience since 1981. AMA is proud to be able to provide many products and services and continually offer superior quality and up to date innovative solutions to all customers.