Why introduce AMA over ABnc?

In 2014 long established brand ABnc decided to open a new arm to their organisation, namely AMA. AMA on behalf of ABnc look after the management, manufacturing and supply of high-quality aluminium products for commercial and residential applications and provides fully customised architectural metal systems.

ABnc short for Australian Balustrades North Coast, have been providing companies and individuals with quality professional balustrade work since 1981. However, anyone who knows ABnc knows that they do so much more than just balustrades. Feeling that the name was limiting and was in fact not representing the full scope of work the company can deliver, ABnc decided to open their parent company AMA.

AMA stands for Architectural Metalworks Australia and more clearly states the potential of what the company can actually do – a wide variety of architectural metal work! ABnc have been producing high quality workmanship in many architectural categories for many years, completing high end projects in areas such as vertical and horizontal screens, fencing, balustrades, gates and much more… AMA aims to work as the new brand for ABnc and more effectively communicate what they do.